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CMA’s and Why They are Important

Doing a CMA, comparable market analysis, is the only way to properly price your home for sale. Use current homes for sale in the area, homes recently sold, and any special features to ask the best price. Charleston House Buyers: A home sale, whether being done by a professional or…

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Foreclosure Facts to Remember

Some of the facts of foreclosure are good to know. You have rights that must be adhered to by the lenders and you may have options that can help you. Stop Foreclosure – Charleston SC: The first and most important fact to remember when you face foreclosure is that you…

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Charleston House Selling Tips

Home buyers may find your garage much more important than you think. Make sure you pay just as much attention to cleaning it up as you do in the house. House Selling Tips – SC Home Buyers: Although it might be very tempting to do so, don’t declutter your house before…

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Use an Objective Eye to Find Your House’s Flaws

Find the flaws in your house that might be fine with you, but could potentially put off prospective buyers. Get a friend to help you and give an additional opinion. Summervile South Carolina House Buyers: When planning to sell your house, you will need to look at it objectively as though it isn’t yours…

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