Sell a House FasterHome buyers may find your garage much more important than you think. Make sure you pay just as much attention to cleaning it up as you do in the house.

House Selling Tips – SC Home Buyers: Although it might be very tempting to do so, don’t declutter your house before you put it up for sale and send your unused and excess items to the garage. The reason? It’s simple. Buyers will look in the garage and will be most impressed if it appears to be spacious and neatly kept.

Don’t Store Your Clutter in the Garage

Where buyers are looking for a garage in which to keep their vehicles, they also want to think that they can effectively have a workshop in there, as well as some storage space. Just as it is inside the house, the less clutter that’s found in the garage, the roomier it will seem. To make it look as big as possible, have the least amount of stuff in it as possible.

If you must store your items somewhere to get them out of the way until you sell that house and move, consider asking a close friend or relative if you can use a corner of their barn, or perhaps an unused crawl space or attic. If this is not possible or you don’t wish to burden your acquaintances with your stuff, a self storage unit might be the perfect solution. You won’t be bothering anyone by storing your items there and the cost of most is very reasonable. Sign a short term contract with the storage facility in case you sell quickly. You can always extend it if necessary.

Remove the Oil Spots

Where there are oil spots on the floor, you can wipe up the excess. Then pour paint thinner over the spot, being careful to fully ventilate the area, of course. Pour something absorbent over the paint thinner and let it absorb the oil over night. Absorbent materials include clay kitty litter, corn meal, sawdust, or sand. Using a push broom or other stiff bristled broom, simply sweep up the material, and then use bleach or dry dishwasher powder to scrub the area clean.

Treat the Garage as Part of the House

The chances are, your garage may hold lots of things that you no longer want or need. That’s usually the last place in the house that gets cleared out or reorganized. It’s also the most common place in which to stash those things you don’t want in the house anymore. It’s a good idea to go through the garage just the same way you will go through the house, tossing what you consider trash, finding things to sell or giving away, and then organizing the tools and things you do need.

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