We Buy Houses Fast Charleston SCA first impression works with three of the five senses- sight, smell and hearing.

We Buy Houses Fast – Charleston SC: As a seller, the importance of making a remarkable and memorable first impression cannot be understated. Once a buyer sees your property and does not immediately develop a liking for it, there is little chance of that happening in future. A good first impression is the first step towards converting a buyer who is looking to a buyer who will close the sale. One thing you should understand is that home buyers are guided by their emotions to buy a home. If they develop a speck of negativity towards your property, they will not consider buying it.

A first impression works with three of the five senses- sight, smell and hearing. Sight is the first sense that has to be impressed. Start by improving your curb appeal. Follow this up with a neat landscape of your front lawn. With some dedicated effort, you can be able to make your front yard outstanding. Trim the grass, and make sure it’s well watered to maintain its green allure. Trim your hedges, and any potted plants that you have. If shrubs have overgrowth, make sure it is taken down.

“What to keep in mind is that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Continue this into your home’s interior by making sure it is clean and well staged. Do not overdo the staging as it will be easily noticeable. Remember, the buyer wants to feel like they are in a home, and a home isn’t perfect. Let all the rooms remain lit, even in broad daylight. You should have your blinds drawn, as sunshine helps add to the allure of a home.

For the sense of smell, there is a lot you can do. You could try and do some home baking if you are good at it. The smell of freshly baked cookies is always inviting, and this can help put a smile on a buyer’s face. Make sure your windows are open to encourage air circulation. This is always best, in contrast to air fresheners. For hearing, you can try and have some soothing music playing in the background. It has to be low enough to allow conversation, but loud enough to still be audible enough for listening pleasure. You have to be careful what you pick as you want to impress most of the buyers that come looking.

What to keep in mind is that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Go out of your way to impress and you will be rewarded by getting a buyer willing to close the sale.

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