Cleaning up your house when it is for saleCleaning up your house when it is for sale is essential. This includes cleaning up the air, too.

South Carolina House Buyers – We Buy Houses Mt. Pleasant SCThere are many aspects of a house sale that both buyers and sellers must be aware of. When a seller is preparing the home for sale, it’s important to take care of all those details that might be offensive to a potential buyer and keep them from seeing the house for its great features. Buyers, on the other hand, should be creative enough to imagine the home as it would be with their special personal touches.

This is the scenario you might wish for and in a perfect world, it might be possible. In the real world, though, it doesn’t work that way. When you are selling a house, it is absolutely imperative that you make the house as attractive as possible. This means that when someone comes to look at it for potential purchase, have the place cleaned up and everything wiped down. Buyers will notice the fingerprints on the doorways.

Cleaning up means maintaining the yard, too. Keep the lawn mowed and the leaves raked for as long as you have the house on the market. That’s one chore that can’t be done quickly if someone says they will be there in 20 minutes to tour your house. Keeping it done regularly will assure that it looks good at all times. Sometimes people actually drive by a house that’s for sale several times before calling to get a look at the inside. You never know who’s driving down your street.

A bad smelling house might indicate a poorly maintained property.

The worst thing you can overlook if you want to sell your house is the smell. Cigarette smoke and pets are the worst offenders. If you smoke, it’s difficult to smell what others do as they walk into your house. If you think there may be a problem ask someone neutral to walk in and tell you honestly what they think. Pet odors are particularly pungent with cats and litter boxes. Dogs that are well trained to do their business outdoors don’t pose as much of a problem with smells, but they do have an odor about them, too.

For removing smells from your house, start with the ceiling. Paint the ceiling and down the walls with a good paint that is designed to remove stains and odors. Wipe down all cabinets and furniture with odor reducing or neutralizing polish or cleaner. If you have an air purifier, use it and change the filters as often as necessary. The better your house presents, the better chance you have of selling as most buyers honestly lack enough imagination to overlook foul odors and stained carpets.

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