The house won’t sell though it’s been on the market for 6 monthsThe house won’t sell though it’s been on the market for 6 months. This is a common complaint and can be expected in this kind of market.

South Carolina Real Estate – We Buy Houses Isle of Palms SCThis is a tough real estate market. There are many homes for sale that have been on the market for what seems like forever. If yours is one of them don’t be discouraged. You may just have to change your strategy a bit to increase your chances. There are some great tips that have come from this challenging market and you can learn them from those who have experienced success.

One of the most common reasons that a house doesn’t sell today is that it may be overpriced. In this competitive price war of homes you must be cautious about placing a price on the house that will cause buyers to skip over your listing in favor of others with similar features but lower prices. The key to pricing at this point is to determine the current market value of the house first. Then set an asking price at just below that amount. If you set the price well below that amount you’ll be sure to get lots of interest and perhaps offers will come in, too. Don’t set it too low, but give the buyer the idea that your house is a good deal and they will be paying less than the market value for it. Everyone loves a bargain.

Call a real estate investor to sell quickly if you can’t wait any longer.

Another reason houses don’t sell is because they are over the top for the area they are in. By this we mean that the house would better fit into a French Quarter type neighborhood of $400k homes and it is sitting in a family oriented neighborhood with modest homes in the $200k range. If you do own one of these homes, it may take more time to sell it. You can try painting it in a subdued neutral color and remove any signs of décor that may not fit well into the neighborhood wherever possible. Otherwise, just try to price it low to see what happens. Looking ahead, if you are planning to remodel the house to make it more attractive keep the above house in mind. Keep your remodel well within the style of the rest of the homes on the block. This way you’ll avoid the problem of having an overbuilt home.

Check for the obvious reasons the house might not sell. Make sure it’s clean, well kept, in good repair, and that there are no offensive odors or other factors that may repel buyers instead of attracting them. The market is slow so give yourself every advantage you can and be patient.

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