How Can an Investor Sell My House?You can sell a House Fast in Charleston SC to a Real Estate Investor!

Charleston Home Buyers – Online real estate investor sites are an easy way to apply to have someone call you and make an assessment of the property. You can receive an offer, sell the house, and get cash for it all within a week. Sounds pretty good considering many people are struggling to get their homes sold and have been trying for over a year and as many as two years or even more.

Once you talk to an investor, someone will come to see the house and give you an offer. You are under no obligation to sign anything or to accept the offer if you aren’t happy with it. There is another advantage to having an investor buy your home. You don’t have to do anything to it. No repairs, no cleanup, no remodeling, and no repainting. This can be a real blessing if you are already financially strapped and trying to make ends meet.

If you like the offer that is made on your house, the investor will start the paperwork , using the appropriate forms to make the sale legal, and it will be recorded with the county and closed in usually a week or less. The mortgage you owe, any liens or encumbrances on the property, and any other loose ends that need tying up will be completed.

“If you like the offer that is made on your house, the investor will start the paperwork.”

After the investor buys your house from you, you can walk away with your credit still intact and a fresh start. If you are selling because you are in foreclosure you will be glad to know that the foreclosure will stop and your loan will be paid off. If the investor buys the house for less than what you owe, it’s because there was a negotiation between the investor and the lender. This is fairly common for investors these days as banks have found it necessary to foreclose on so many properties.

Once the investor has paid you for your home, you will be free to go about your business and you can leave the house behind. You will have no more responsibility for it, as the house will have been sold. The investor will then try to sell it for a profit, fix it up and rent it out, or whatever he or she chooses to do with it. The house is no longer your worry. Investors are anxiously awaiting more properties to buy so if you haven’t done so already, give an investor a call or fill out one of the forms on the investor websites and they’ll take it from there.

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