Negotiation When Selling a HouseNegotiation is an interesting part of selling a home. Be reasonable and remember that your goal is to get the house sold.

Isle of Palms SC – We Buy Houses Companies: The buyer wants to receive a discount on your asking price to account for the old heating and air conditioning system. He figures he’ll have to replace it soon and doesn’t want to pay for it. You, on the other hand as the seller, want to get as much in profit as possible from your home sale. This will require negotiation so you can come to an agreement that is satisfactory to you both. This is how contracts are written.

Negotiating for details is usually the last step in the sale process before closing. The buyer will look at your house and express interest. He may make an offer and send it you. Your next move would be to place a counter offer in place and send it back. The buyer might then start to get into the finer details of your house and what he would like to see done before he takes possession. Many times that request comes in the form of a discount off of the asking price instead and the buyer plans to use that discount to make the replacement or repairs himself after he takes possession of the house

Don’t be upset by these negotiations. They aren’t a personal attack on your ability to maintain your house to the best standard. It is simply business. The buyer might see something, or perhaps has an inspection done and receives a report of something that should be corrected soon. You both want the best deal you can get. The best course of action for you is to engage in the negotiations. Be fair and try to remain objective. If he hates the custom garage door you and the kids built together with the logo of your favorite team on the front panel, keep your cool.

This buyer is so interested in your house that you have reached this point in the process. If you love the door and want to take it with you, why not agree to replace it for him at your expense? This will show your willingness to accommodate the buyer and the sale will continue through to closing day. That’s your main objective so do what you can to appease the buyer when he wants to bargain with you. Keep it within reason, of course, as some buyers try to lowball sellers in this difficult market. If you aren’t desperate, you will find the negotiating to be simply part of the sales process.

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