Find Your House’s FlawsFind the flaws in your house that might be fine with you, but could potentially put off prospective buyers. Get a friend to help you and give an additional opinion.

Summervile South Carolina House Buyers: When planning to sell your house, you will need to look at it objectively as though it isn’t yours at all. Those little quirks that you live with daily may not be OK with your potential buyers. Any smells that you are used to living with, dirty doorknobs, stacks of books and papers, a litter box in the bathroom, or any number of other personal flaws within the house should be eliminated before you even list it. Don’t risk bringing anyone in to view your house before it is sparkling clean and ready to show. If you show too soon the word could get around and you could lose interest from other prospective buyers.

What do we mean by finding flaws and eliminating them? Start at the curb and take a look at your house as though you never saw it before. Make a list of things that you would like to see cleared up or cleaned up. Sidewalks should be clean and so should the steps and entrance to the house. The lawn and yard must be mowed and picked up. No toys or dog droppings should be visible. Paint your trim and plant some flowers, preferably yellow, to brighten it up. Make the address clearly visible and clean around the mailbox if you have one.

Now step inside and do the same. The first step through the door will be the first impression of the inside of the house. Remove some of the furniture that makes it look crowded. It’s cozy and functional for you, perhaps, but might look small and cramped to a potential buyer. Do the same with your closets and all of the rooms in the house. Arrange the furniture to be attractive.

The smaller details should be taken care of. Got a set of curtains that are slightly crooked hanging? Fix them. Replace the curtains or clean them if necessary. Clean everywhere and everything. This will be easier once you have removed the clutter and excess furnishings.

Remove those items and circumstances that might offend some or put them off. Strong odors of any kind are a definite problem. That wonderful garlic chicken you made last night was absolutely delicious but has now left the garlic odor in the house. Use fans and odor neutralizer to get rid of it before you show the house. Finally, get a friend to come over when you are finished and do a walk through with you for a more objective opinion.

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