An Organized Way to Sell a HouseTo reduce your stress level and sell your house in a more organized manner, create a good plan with a timeline to follow. It will help in delegating tasks and making sure that nothing goes undone.

House Selling Tips – Charleston House Buyers: Book after book has been written by those who succeed at this or that. Almost always, part of the great success story involves a plan of some sort that is created, and then skillfully carried out with diligence and commitment to excellence. What’s this got to do with selling my house, you ask?

In your plan you’ll want to include anything that you feel must be done
to make the house more attractive.

Doing anything at all will see a more positive outcome when you go at it with not only gusto, but a plan or at least some sort of organized way to keep track of what you must do, what you’ve already done, and what the goals are. This is an excellent way to look at the sale of a house. It’s a huge undertaking and will have many tasks attached to the end result. Before you can get the sale finalized and closed, lots of things must be done by you, the inspectors, the mortgage company, the buyers, and anyone else who is part of the process. If it’s your house, you are the one most likely to be the developer and the keeper of the grand plan.

In your plan you’ll want to include anything that you feel must be done to make the house more attractive. That will include a task list of repairs, replacements, painting, flooring, and general cleaning up of each room. Don’t forget the outdoors portion as that’s important for your curb appeal. Those items can be checked off as they are finished. This will more easily allow you to delegate others to join in and give you a hand where you need it. If a brother-in-law wants to help, give him the list of fixtures that need changing in the baths and kitchen, for example.

The accurate pricing of the house and all of the pertinent details must be held within the plan. List comps in your area from which you created the perfect asking price. Keep all documents and information so you can use them to show a potential buyer how you arrived at your conclusions. Some buyers love to ‘kick the tires’ and will appreciate well organized documentation.

The plan will then need to incorporate the ways in which you plan to market the house. List all tasks necessary to accomplish this largest of projects and include a good timeline by which you’ll plan to achieve your goal. List all necessary legal and contractual paperwork you’ll need in your area to close the sale. The more organized you are with a solid step by step plan to sell the house, the less stressful it will be.

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