House Selling TipsKnowing what you may be facing, regardless of the type of home you will be selling, will help you to start the sale of your house out right. Some issues are common to all sales.

Tips to House Selling – Charleston House Buyers: No matter what type of house you have for sale, there are things that you must do if you want to be competitive in today’s market. All house sales have common issues that can increase the challenge but if you know what these issues are before you get started, you will have a better chance of selling the house.

The preparation of any house is essential to the success of your sale. Since you will be selling the house to someone who will be most likely planning to live there, they will be most impressed with a house that is what is referred to in real estate terms as ‘turn key.’ That means the buyer will believe that he or she can move right in immediately after purchase and be comfortable living there.

The pricing of the house is critical in a tough market, as there is so much competition out there. Your ideal price should be just short of the current market value so any buyer gets the idea that your house is a good deal. Along the same lines, the timing of your sale is important, too. Put the house on the market when homes of your type are selling. If you can wait for the right time, you will have an advantage.

“Anticipate what your advertising and marketing costs will be, the closing costs, and any inspections that you will be responsible for providing to the buyers.”

Know what it will cost you to sell your house.  It won’t do for you to sell the house and then be short the day of closing. If you will be receiving just enough for the house to get the mortgage paid off, you might have additional closing costs to pay for before everyone signs the contract.

Have resources available to help you where necessary. Make a list of good attorneys that specialize in real estate law, home inspectors, termite and pest inspectors, appraisers independent of the county or the mortgage lender, and you might need to know some good contractors or handymen to help you get the house fixed up.

You can find yourself in negotiations when you have a potential buyer. Get your priorities in order so you will know where you can be flexible about what your buyers may want. If they would like to receive a $5000 credit so they can replace the septic system you must know whether or not you can afford to do that.

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