What Today's Buyers Want the Most

Upgraded kitchen appliances go well, and lovely bath areas are a plus.

How to Sell Your House – Charleston SC: Today’s buyers are fussy. They can afford to be. If you don’t have what they want they can simply go and look at scores of other homes for sale within the same area and at the same approximate price. Buyers’ tastes change over the years, so it’s good to be aware of what they want today if you are selling your house now. Sometimes it’s just a matter of a subtle or inexpensive change that you can make, or a better way to present what you already have.

If your house is interesting with unique shapes, angles, nooks, and crannies, you can show the house without any furniture in it. When you’ve left the home already and are trying to sell, you will usually need to place tasteful furnishings in it, as buyers want an idea of how it will look when lived in. The only exception is where the house is architecturally interesting on its own with features that you will want buyers to notice. Beautiful stairways with winding banisters from the turn of the last century will be the focal point of the room.

“A nice patio, a hedge across the back to give some privacy from the neighboring houses.”

A wonderful built in solid wood china cabinet separating the dining area from the living room will be a standalone feature that can be shown off. With a more modern built home that has few interesting features built in, go with the tasteful furnishings even if you must rent them for the sale period.Pay attention to the yard. In the back, buyers today are looking for private spaces and outdoor living areas. A nice patio, a hedge across the back to give some privacy from the neighboring houses, or a nice set of towering oaks that provide summer shade will be big selling points that you can be sure to accentuate.

Built-ins are a big deal. If you already have a set of bookshelves along the office wall, consider boxing them in with an end piece that makes them look like built-ins. Do you have a window overlooking a nice view of the yard? Build a simple window seat and put a couple of throw pillows on it for dramatic effect. Today’s buyers also look for modernized lighting fixtures, which are generally smaller than older ones, and they look for organized closet and storage spaces. Upgraded kitchen appliances go well, and lovely bath areas are a plus. You’ll get their first attention at the entry. Make their first impression a lasting one.

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