Real Estate Charleston South CarolinaAdvertising pros know that the way something is described is almost as important as what they are selling. Adopt the same methods into the way you write the description for your listing.

House Listing Tips – Johns Island House Buyers: The way you write your listing description will be very important in the image the potential buyers get right off the bat. When you list your house online you’ll most likely be placing it on one of the FSBO, For Sale By Owner, sites that will require you to write your own listing and provide your own photos and video tours of the property.

As you know, the way a product is sold to consumers has as much to do with the way the product is presented as it does with the product or quality of the product itself. That’s why some people refer to certain salesmen as being able to sell ‘ice cubes to Eskimos.’ It’s all in the presentation of what you are selling. In a real estate listing, that would mean you need to write some killer ad copy to describe the house. Don’t let that intimidate you. With a little creative thought and perhaps the help of a few friends you can get it done.

First, go to the internet and look at some of the listing that are available. What you might notice more than anything is the lack of creativity and boring descriptions of the houses. You’ll see words misspelled, incorrect grammar, punctuation, and generally poor writing. Unfortunately, some of these listings have been written by real estate professionals that for some reason can’t see what their listings look like. If you aren’t good with writing get a friend or family member to help you with this.

 “It’s all in the presentation of what you are selling. In a real estate listing, that would mean you need to write some killer ad copy to describe the house. “

What you’ll want to do is to make a brief list of the basic features of the house that need to be in the listing no matter what else you put in there. Then start listing the additional awesome things that you want to point out to viewers. When you have this list in place, you’ve got your basic outline.

Next, expand on each piece of information until you have whole descriptive sentences that you can use. For example, where there is a window seat in the landing you can describe it as a ‘custom built-in window seat that gazes out over the rose garden and tree tops’ to elicit a much better picture in the reader’s imagination. Descriptive writing is how advertisers sell us everything and we are bombarded by it constantly. They know it works. Adopt their ideas into your house description and it could help you to make the sale.

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